I grew up in a family of artists and was encouraged from an early age to self-expression in a variety of ways through creation. 
Yet, to everyone's surprise, I chose pharmaceutical studies and worked as a pharmacist for many years. 
However, I never abandoned my creative urge!
Throughout the years, in addition to raising three beautiful boys (and a husband), I have learned and experienced a wide variety of work techniques in different areas of artisan work. I have participated in workshops and a variety of master classes. 
Thus, among the various fabric rolls, wool cocoons felt sheets, clay blocks, beads, tanning techniques, and processing methods, the most meaningful meeting for me was with leather in a shoe design workshop. 
Since then, I create mainly with leather. Nowadays, I left the pharmaceutical field utterly, and I am devoting myself to my passion. 
Coming "home" has been a long journey indeed… and it feels so right!
In my switch to design and manufacture of a collection for sale, I find myself using the skills I brought from the world of Pharmacy. As they say: everything happens for a reason, The understanding of how one detail makes a world of difference be it the lining color or a chosen stitch; Accuracy and attention are in every aspect. All materials are carefully selected, I use the best quality genuine leather, recycled Sari Silk yarn is imported from India in fair trade practice, 100% wool threads are spun and dyed according to my specifications in Estonia. 
From the moment of inspiration until the moment I hold the bag in my hand the entire process, with all its elements, receives precise and uncompromising consideration, so the final result is a winning combination of perfect harmony of beauty, comfort, and functionality.
Hope you will love my handmade bags as much as I do.
With my bag, I am sure you are off to great places.